Ocean Explorer

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What is Ocean Explorer?

Ocean Explorer is a game a friend and I created in my Game Physics course at Champlain College. The project’s purpose is to show off all of the physics we had learned so far in the form of a simple 2D game. Dodge the fish and dive as deep as you can!


In Ocean Explorer, you play as a submarine diving down into the sea. Your goal is to blast as many creatures with your bubbles as you can. Avoid sharks and fish, otherwise, your submarine will take damage! Use WASD to move your ship around, Q and E to rotate, the space key to shoot your bubbles, and the escape key to quit the game.

Some of the features I worked on in the project include:

Physics Features

  • Kinematic movement
  • Forces including gravity, normal, drag, spring, and more
  • 2D rotational motion and torque
  • Collision detection between circle-circle, circle-AABB, circle-OBB
  • Collision response between circle-circle

Game Features

  • Simple 2D movement using forces
  • Collision detection and response against submarine, creatures, walls, and bubbles
  • Fun creature animations upon getting hit
  • Score tracking
  • Title and end screen


Playable Download

If you would like to download and play Ocean Explorer for yourself, here is a playable version for Windows computers. To play, make sure to extract the zip file before running the executable.

Otherwise, if you enjoy watching others more than playing, here is a gameplay video:


If you’re interested in viewing the code, you can find it, on GitHub, here. My GitHub is Andy608.

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